Brian Formosa / David Wylie

At Design Pools, David and Brian design, construct and deliver innovative and high quality pools and outdoor living areas across Sydney. 

When you work with Design Pools you get a team that’s passionate about what they do – a team that builds with not just professionalism, but with pride. David and Brian always strive to create a quality product where clients are encouraged to be involved in the design and build process from the outset.

We simply build pools that both stand the test of time, and are built with creativity and specialist workmanship, resulting in pools featured in some of Australia's leading publications including Poolside Showcase, and Sydney Pool and Outdoor Design.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a pool is both an extension of your home and linked to the vision you have. The style of your home, the lifestyle you lead and the way you see your life moving forward is all taken into account when designing your pool. But it’s not all about looks. We also believe that your pool must be structurally sound and built to last a lifetime.

Our Approach

We believe that the customer is an essential part of our process. So we begin with a conversation that focuses on your vision as well as your requirements. Then, after a site visit, we’ll offer you our professional opinion on how your vision can be achieved practically and within budget. During the design and build you’ll have constant access to both Brian and David to discuss anything that comes to mind. We’re committed to a collaborative environment where you’re always kept in the loop.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a reliable, high quality service that brings together original thinking, innovative design, sustainable solutions and professional workmanship – all which result in a pool that exceeds your expectations.